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Why no F° and only C°??

Level 8
I live in the USA or United States of America and we use the F° temp system and the Armory Crate only shows the C° temp system.
This needs to change, so we have both C° and F° temps so people can read it.
I have been using ASUS for over 10 yrs now an this is one thing that needs to change, if you are going to put the C° you should also put the F° as well, it is only LOGICAL!!
Bad enough documentaries don't do it, and they speak English, it should be a common sense thing, if ya gonna put one in, ya put them both in!!

Level 8
It's because IT is using non-retarded units across the globe. Even if you read/watch reviews they will use metric/Celsius.

Level 8
That is the problem, there needs to be both, as people do not want to always conform to learn both as we should NOT be!
The world has 2 systems of measurement and every ruler seems to have it on it, so why can't this? an IT ppl are not ppl, they do not think logically they think just computer code!

Level 7

Wow, This guy is right on. I think we need to make everyone speak English when they come to our Great America Country USA. This is our land with our laws, rules and values, and it is time that people learn our ways and not the other way around. We tried to force the metric system on everyone back in the 70's and 80's and see where that got us. If I have to learn Spanish to talk with people that creeped into this country, then I think we should have Fahrenheit and Celsius as an option. No disrespect to the ones that want to be free and come here.