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Why can't we have MANUAL mode on all TUF laptops?

Level 9
I've seen that a lot of ASUS laptops have MANUAL mode on Armoury Crate. Yet, I have a not so old ASUS TUF FX505DT, which only shows Turbo, Performance, and Silent on the Armoury Crate home page.

Why can't we have a manual mode? Most of us are already using apps like "AMD APU Tuning Utility" to control our temps, so why not letting us use the manual mode on Armoury Crate like many other ASUS laptops does?

How hard would it be to implement Manual Mode on these laptops?

I'd love (need) to see a Manual Mode here. My laptop is normally at 38C - 43C on idle or while watching movies/videos. I don't need the fans running at 2400RPM when watching movies at night with CPU at 38C and the GPU at 37C.

Sadly, I can't control the fans with the AMD APU Tuning Utility on this laptop.

Level 7

Brah they don't give a sh*t abt what we want! They want us to buy there high end laptops to get just the basic features! Currently it's 31st Dec of 2023 and still they haven't added it neither are we given any freedom to control our rpm 😭.