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Washed out colors and not syncing in static

Level 7
Hi everyone,

I recently received my PC and it was working fine when I first started it all all of the colors were vibrant and all of the modes worked. Such as rainbow and static modes. I was able to install armory crate and everything worked fine such as static mode had access to all the colors. But then I tried to go for an all white static color. This is when the problems started. I was only able to get static blue and green to sync with my RGB. The rest of the colors did not sync and was darker/washed out. Such as pink showed half dark pink and half red. Yellow color was half yellow and half red. And rainbow mode was not vibrant it became darker. All the devices are detected, motherboard, graphics card, ram, and argb header. I tried using the uninstall tool to remove armory crate and then restarted the computer and reinstalled armory crate and still same issue. I also tried disconnecting and reconnecting the RGB connections when the computer was completely off and when I restarted the pc the problem persists. I also checked the RGB header settings and they are set to gen 1 still. I know that the RGB lights are still working because when I restart the PC it showcases the rainbow mode to its original vibrant mode, until armory crate loads and becomes the faded and dark rainbow. I have attached pictures below. First picture is rainbow mode normally. Second picture is rainbow mode after. Then the two following pictures is static yellow showing red at the same time and static pink showing red at the same time. Please Help.

System Specs:
Motherboard: Strix x670E-gaming
CPU: 7950X
GPU: 4090 TUF
RAM: Team Group 32 gb 6000mhz