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Version Downloads

Level 7
Would it be possible to get particular version downloads of armoury crate? I know currently this is not allowed as armoury crate forces into updating to latest versions but having the ability to run armoury crate at a particular versions would be very useful for many people. With the current problems it has gotten me thinking about this issue.

I haven't had much time yet to really test v5.4.10.0 to see if it has resolved my issues but if it hasn't, I would much rather be able to remain or even if need to reinstall be able to go back to a version of armoury crate which is stable/stable enough or at least not putting my system at risk. This would at least give people the ability to roll back to whatever version is most stable for each of their own systems as every version release tends to be hit and miss for everyone. This would also help as a safety net knowing I could always go back to a working state after each new update release in case something goes wrong like it has with the past few releases.