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V5.4.8.0 Shows CPU Freq where it used to show Temperature

Level 8
With recent forced/automatic update to my ASUS ROG M15 shows CPU frequencies in 3 places on the Home screen but only one place now for temperature. In the last version CPU temperature was constantly updated in real time within a small box within the speedometer dial. That now displays CPU frequency which already has two other displays on the same home screen. It's my opinion CPU temperature is a much more important factor to monitor than CPU frequency so was this changed on purpose or accident? Please put the CPU temperature back where it was within the small box window or make it selectable. In addition the new version seems to use more CPU. Also the Armoury Crate UI could use screen space much more efficiently as it wastes lots of screen space on smaller screen laptops.

Level 7

It would be nice to have the choice.

Yes I agree as well, Would be great for it to be selectable, I am rather surprised it is not! I hope ASUS puts out a fix for this as it has worked fine for me since purchase a couple yrs ago and seems they trying to "fix" something that for me was not broken.....

Absolutely. I used to check CPU temperature by this widget and now it's gone. At first I was thinking "cool, it is selectable now" - except that it's not.
Now I had to re-arrange all other widgets - in order to use expanded CPU monitoring window just to see the temperature.

Also the CPU voltage still showing incorrect output. When the voltage is above 1V (1000mV) it displays only last 3 digits. e.g. Armoury Crate displays 234mV when in reality it is 1234mV (according to OCCT or CPU-Z monitoring).

Level 7

Yes I also agreee with you. Actually It is very disgusting. 

Level 7

Have you ever noticed that the update came to the system before the update of the armory crate to lead this thing, CPU temps are high as crazy just like 85c in idle. ASUS just changed the primary gauge of the Armoury crate from CPU temp to Cpu Freq to hide that instability from the user.  that's the reason, but for the time being it's fixed some far the temp problem but the primary gauge is still showing the freq instead of the temp. ASUS just plugged out one of the best reasons users love armory crate software.


Level 7

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