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UserSessionHelper.exe high CPU usage in

Level 7
After a new update UserSessionHelper.exe consumes too much cpu. It is a known bug and still not fixed.

I can't delete the file as I have S17 laptop and without it some keyboard keys just don't work like aura or rog button

Level 8
same issue here...17% cpu usage on asus rog scar 17 amd 5800h...

Turned on my PC and went to Armoury Crate to check on any updates. As it opened, my case fans went super loud and my CPU temps shot up from 37c to 79c and both stayed like that no matter what I did!!
I thought my AIO cooler was on the blink to start with. I even turned of PBO in my BIOS thinking the AMD boost was going wrong. I even thought that I might have to remove the cooler and re paste the head!?
So many things could be wrong and cause this issue. A couple of hours later, I know a couple of hours.... and I am still none the wiser. So I start to look for answers and came across this on Reddit

So firstly ended the task of the UserSessionHelper in Task manager. My temps came down to 43c idle, the 13% CPU usage disappeared and the fans slowed down to normal. The UserSessionHelper restarted in task manager, but none of the CPU usage or high temps.

So I opened Armoury Crate again and BOOM CPU usage up to 14%, temps up to 80c.........ARMOURY CRATE YOU HEAP OF S...........!!

So I followed the info on the Reddit link and its now stopped it completely.

If this hadn't helped, I would probably have uninstalled this piece of crap software. I love Asus boards but this software has been a pain in my ar..!! not just for this issue, but many others!?

I hope they get this sorted soon, apparently, it is a known bug and they haven't fixed it yet. This is the first time I've heard of it !!!

I hope this helps every one, it helped me.

Level 7
after updating to V5.4.8.0 I realize that my fans become louder than usual even on office working and cpu temp is constantly at 75C . then I realize Armoury Crate User Session Helper takes around 8-10% of cpu usage. after few times reinstalling it keeps coming back.things I can do are to kill the app via task manager every time I start armoury crate, or delete the usersessionhelper.exe to recycle bin waiting for next update but some features wont be able to operate. please fix this.


I have explained a fix for people who don't want to wait

Level 7
This helped, thanks BomberH!

I can confirm I am also having this issue on an ASUS TUF F15 2022 laptop.

Try the fix posted before, hopefully ASUS gets a patch out for this soonish I did and it worked for my G17RS.

In case anyone is wondering the same problem exists with Armoury Crate version and Steam. As long as Armoury crate is just running in the background it is no issue for me. Only when the main interface is opened. Steam version is dated 1/31/23 11:07:35.