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UserSessionHelper.exe high CPU usage in

Level 7
After a new update UserSessionHelper.exe consumes too much cpu. It is a known bug and still not fixed.

I can't delete the file as I have S17 laptop and without it some keyboard keys just don't work like aura or rog button

Same problem here since yesterday!
10% on idle , I didnt know what was happening , my cpu went from 31 to 54 degrees. Its been constant like this. I have to disable the session in task manager but after a while the program opens again automatically. Please asus fix this issue..

same issue


Same, 18% of i7-8700, have to kill the process manually

Yep, mines the same. That is running 13700K with Z790 Hero.

Every time I go in armory crate and look at anything from the device tab it starts going to 12% CPU.


Same. I have to kill .exe untill next launch of armoury crate

Any update to when this patch will be out?

The patch was already released, see the instructions above to check if installed automatically (check updates if not yet).

MrMayhem85 wrote:
Any update to when this patch will be out?
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Same issue..
I run the armory crate, the "Armory Crate User Session Helper" is active and uses an average of 16% CPU and the CPU temperature rises to 53 degrees. Even if I close Armory Crate it continues to work. It's ridiculous, please fix this problem. Have a nice day.

Same issue here!