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Update Armory Crate Removes the audio enhancements tab from my headset.

Level 7

I am having problems with the following update, more specifically with the audio of my headphones and my system:

Captura de pantalla 2024-01-22 121258.png

Luckily I have a restore point created, I'll open the thread in case anyone has a solution to this. The problem is the following when I update:

- I lose sound, much weaker sound

- I lose the enhancements tab that allows me to give more audio options to my headphones

-Possible loss of other audio resources.

As soon as I update the sound it is much weaker and I stop hearing as well as I heard before. Furthermore, the problem has to do with something about the Bongiovi Acoustics drivers or something similar, because as soon as I update, the drivers of my headphones are changed for these.

I have tried to delete those drivers that it installs and revert to the default Microsoft ones that I had before but the sound is not the same as before again. It doesn't work please help. Otherwise I will never update since I stop listening the way I want. Greetings Thank you