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Unnecessary processes through Armour Crate

Level 8
i understand that Armoury Crate is supposed to offer compatibility with a lot of other manufacturer's components and many devices from all over.

but why does it need Kingston DRAM HAL specific processes running at all times using up memory & little CPU % at times?
is Kingston part of the development team and this helps with compatibility of multiple manufacturer's RAM LED options?

and why do we need an Aura Extension Card HAL process running?
if it pertains to the proprietary ASUS 5 pin fan extension card i can guarantee none of us are using them because they were impossible to purchase anywhere, even from ASUS directly.
or is this "Aura Extension Card" pertaining to PCIe devices or some other ASUS proprietary card?

it seems a more automated detection process would need to be implemented to only load those processes that actually pertain to our installed devices instead of filling up our tasks lists with multiple pointless processes that consume resources but offer absolutely nothing to us.
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Level 7
Same remark, the heaviness of Armory Crate is really rotten, last generation of the Asus material and nothing optimize for this null app
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