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Uninstalling Amory Crate.

Level 8

I need to know that if I uninstall Amory Crate that it WILL NOT effect my bios in any way, like removing it if that's possible?? or screwing up drive or RAM settings. I installed it a few wks & I've had nothing but issues. Want to uninstall to see if that is the root cause of the trouble or something else. Everyone says that ASUS NodeJS Web Framework is the root of my inet dragging a**.

I believe this to be true. My 1st install of a 67gig game took only 30mins. But wks later when I installed Amory Crate my 30min 67Gig download went to a crawl. It took from 1am to just shy of 8am to complete & Firefox has never had problems loading or having tabs crash.

Intel 12core CPU - ASUS ROG STRIX Z690-E Wifi board - 64gig of DDR5 ram @ 5200Mhz & 2 M.2 drives.

My PC is hard wired as well.


Level 10

Uninstalling AC will not do anything bad to your Bios, and it will not change your Bios settings.

OK I uninstalled it. But why are my 3 front 140mm fans that came with the case still blue? if anything they should default back to their rainbow colored effect. I would like an answer to this if there is one. But I will say this the ASUS bloatware/Male-ware screwed up my sys BADDDDD !! ASUS needs to dump this one in all software & develop/design new software that gives a person the choice to install what that person would need/like. I only wanted to be able to change my fan colors & this software ****** near crippled my PC & that's a shame. The thing is ASUS knows this. This will be my 1st & last ASUS mobo. I'll be going back to either MSI or Gigabyte.

Sorry for the vent.

I am about uninstall this crap myself from my Z790 TUF board. It's god awful and i have had nothing but issues with it since day one. It's slow, clunky, unresponsive and buggy as hell. Half of the time, it just crashes for no reason according to Windows' Event Viewer and every time there's an update, FanXpert screws with my fan curve for no reason. You know? The fan curve in the bios i have made no changes to? Every god ****** time!

Anyway. I should have just gone with AsRock again. Like with my old system i build. They're considered budget boards but i never had any issues with them and that remains true to this day.

Can someone give me a idiots step by step on how to do a clean install of my Windows (reformat/wipe) I've saved all my data. I'm a noob when it comes to UEFI garb I have no idea what secure boot is. I haven't reformatted a PC since XP when it was so so so simple. I just want my PC fixed. Don't tell me with a USB cause I've tried several ways, ended up bricking a thumb drive. I have a Win10 DVD. Just tell me simple like how to get my PC back in working order. Like do I need to reformat 1st removing the partition to or does Windows DVD do all that & still give me a clean/fresh nstall. I find vids on how to reformat but they with old school commands & the blue screen where u pick ya boot drives. I mean with what I got sys wise I can't get the DVD to be the boot option. AND YES !! if I get my sys up & running great there will be & I MEAN will not be any Amoury Crate garbage put back on my PC.