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Unable to update FanXpert (error code: 238) Armoury crate

Level 8

So I'm trying to update my drivers in Armoury crate but I just get this message: "Sorry, we cannot finish the installation. please restart the system and retry. (error code: 238)" Can anybody help?

Also here is screenshot



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Level 9

I have exactly the same. I can't control my fans anymore because of this! And my overclock is depending on my fan performance (ROG Maximus z690 Extreme), my overclock went down to 62%, so my pc is running slower because of this!

I managed to "fix" it for now by uninstalling and using the full installation package. That will throw you back to 4.5.10 version, but at least my fans work again as they should... (takes forever to install btw).

New update. After i opened AC again of course it started to update... Couldn't see my mobo anymore. So i decided to install the regular AC on top of it. And voila.. Now it completely works again...

Yet another update:  So annoying.. It stopped working again... My word. Most unstable piece of software I have encountered in my life (I am using pc since Windows 3.0, yes I am THAT old). I can not imagine why they don't do some quality checks before releasing. I bought a 900 euro mobo which is partly depending on this software ( i can control the animatrix only with AC, and also the external fan controller is not supported on any other software). I expect some value for my money, but apparently Asus only thinks in dollars, and developing free software to go along with your hardware is not part of it it seems 😞

I switched to Remoo fancontrol and signalrgb for now, but it is a less favorable solution...

Level 7

same issue here!

I also try to clean the registries, but still not work.


gentlemen, I managed to update it this morning. improved !!!!!

How you do that?

Level 7

Same experience on a brand new build. My guess is something wrong with the package installer and hopefully they'll fix it soon.

Level 8

same here

Level 9

Yes, same here. Anything we can do except for waiting?

I'm emailing with support. Maybe some update soon.