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Unable to update FanXpert (error code: 238) Armoury crate

Level 8

So I'm trying to update my drivers in Armoury crate but I just get this message: "Sorry, we cannot finish the installation. please restart the system and retry. (error code: 238)" Can anybody help?

Also here is screenshot



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Baffles me how over last at least 10 years they (the top, big manufacturers) can not like make a software that actually works with their hardware. None of them. Not ASUS, not EKWB (we all know how that ended), not Corsair, not anyone. You need like an actual dedicated controller, or some third-party software like the one recommended above. I don't get where the complexity lies here. It's such a simple task, I could do it with an arduino over weekend if I sat down.

Level 9

„Hold my beer“ 😂



I get it. 🙂 I'm well aware of how some software projects have these very particular issues that you think you can fix but in fact it takes forever. But in this case, it just seems so strange, that they can not make it just work as it is supposed to. There are working fan controllers out there, so it must be possible.

Yes, it is genuinely interesting how big companies treat their software not the way they should, although it gets more and more important, and they have all the money in the world. I mean FanControl is superb, an excellent software written by a programmer maybe even in his free time and is Open Source. So, big manufacturers should be able to make it. 

Level 8

Asus software is a bug. So much money and so many mistakes unfortunately. But the thing is that every major manufacturer can't make good software for their devices...

Level 8

WTF... I even reinstalled my whole computer... and it still fails...

Running into the same issue on a clean install of windows. Went through alot of troubleshooting and nothing is working.

I'm sure Asus will have to update their program to fix this.

Level 9

Asus is getting destroyed currently by GamersNexus and JayzTwoCents on their YT channels.


I had Asus mobo's since forever, starting to really regret i bought one again seeing this yt from Jayz.

Same here. Next build, I will try something else.