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Unable to update FanXpert (error code: 238) Armoury crate

Level 8

So I'm trying to update my drivers in Armoury crate but I just get this message: "Sorry, we cannot finish the installation. please restart the system and retry. (error code: 238)" Can anybody help?

Also here is screenshot



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Level 8

same... doesn't work

Level 8

i had to run the sdk file manually to get it working, not setup.exe

which file exactly? and where did you find it?

it's in the same place, C:\Program Files\ASUS\RLSDownload\FanXpert, but because mine updated i have no files here anymore lol sdksetup or something similar, it's another exe file with SDK in the name at least

tried that. didn't work

Oh crap, it did actually work,

Here is what I did for it to work :

1- install the sdksetup.exe in C:\Program Files\ASUS\RLSDownload\[...].exe

2- Restart computer

3- Install setup.exe in C:\Program Files\ASUS\RLSDownload\[...].exe

4- Remove directory C:\Program Files\ASUS\RLSDownload

5- launch AC and research for updates (at first it showed the install wasn't done)

tried this. Seemed to work, but when i go to fanxpert i get this:


Update: I had to reboot, now it all works again...


Arf, I have infinite loading so I couldn't see if the compononent was working >_<

I followed this and all seems to be right again 🙌

Perfectly Worked Thanks ❤️