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Thermaltake TT SYNC controllers with ASUS ROG STRIX Z690 Motherboard

Level 7
When connecting Thermaltake TT SYNC controller into ASUS ROG STRIX z690 motherboard, with three Thermaltake quad fans (each with 54 LEDs, totalling 162 LED’s ), the third fan only partially lights up. Current thinking is that there is a limit of 120 LED's on a single ARGB 5V header, despite the board having a capacity of 500 LED's in total.

Contacted Thermaltake who underwent testing and confirmed that all other major motherboard manufactures (MSI, Gigabyte etc) have no issues connecting three quad fans. Its a unique problem with ASUS motherboards, not just the z690.

Followed the GUI updates as suggested by ASUS, which worked to change the GUI, but didn't change the underlying ability to increase the LED count above 120 to get the third fan fully operational.

1. Go to "C:\Program Files (x86)\LightingService\"
2. Inside is a file called "LastProfile.xml", right click and open it with Notepad (or your edit of choice)
3. Search for (without quotes) "addressable_strip_led_count"
4. On that same line is 120, change that to the number of lights you require (do not change to 999, please put to the number of lights, you can add an additional 20 or 30 to that number for padding)
5. Save your changes and exit the file
6. Close and reload Armoury Crate (it is running on the bottom right near the time) or restart the computer.