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Telling you what you already know

Level 8
I know most of you already know this but I just have to have a rant about it. Armoury crates/aura software is completely unreliable. I had to run a restore on my PC but because of this it broke armoury crate/aura. I spent all night trying to get it to work and had to give up. I tried everything. I uninstalled everything, deleted leftover files and manually deleted registry entries and nothing worked. They only thing that happened was it wouldn't work and my board fan controller was constantly running my chassis fan at full speed which took me a while to fix.

I general most of ASUS software is badly put together and buggy and unreliable. The only things they do are cause you problems and hog resources. ASUS honestly if you can't put out quality software I would rather you didn't bother at all. At least then I wont need to spend ages fixing things your software broke. If it wasn't for the fact you make excellent motherboards I would have switched long ago.

Level 7
Amen! Armoury Crate and pretty much all of their software is garbage.