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Surprise! Another Armoury Crate Update Failure.

Level 9

Was happy being productive and relatively undisturbed by Armoury Crate glitches since its last (inevitable) meltdown. Sure, the Anime Matrix feature failed months ago but who really cares about that useless feature anyway? Beyond that, I had been able to squeak by with my lighting preferences since my last forum post. Maybe a couple of months? I lose track. It's happens so frequently. 
Well that came to an expected end a couple of days ago when my all-dark/off powered-off lighting state disappeared into the ether and my red-only powered-on RAM effect took on the God-awful rainbow theme. I'm sure it's only a matter of time for a full on unicorn and fairies theme and look forward to be being emotionally triggered by that inevitable intrusion.
So I made the usual visit to the Armoury Crate (Armoury Hate in my mind) on my PC to see f I could sort things out. Of course, the answer is: no. No such luck.
So I proceeded to this forum where I see a 500 word instruction document complete with illustrations on how to correctly install the new version correctly. WHAT???
Who needs this kind of info to coordinate a simple driver/software update to (hopefully) get control of some of the little LEDs across my system? (Well, obviously Armoury Crate comes to mind but are there others out there with this constant failure record or is Armoury Crate the undisputed unicorn-toad of the LED control systems?)
How can the update be available in Armoury Crate without those instructions and a very obvious warning that the update is a persnickety little beast that requires a very rigid adherence to exacting procedures that Armoury Crate itself is unable to automate through its update interface? Why is always a total crap-shoot as to what troubles will spider from the far too frequent update demands of Armoury Crate?
When people ask the about the performance of my grossly expensive Asus setup I must be honest with them and steer them elsewhere. I must also provide my own language warning before explaining my frustrations because those descriptions are very colourful, considered vulgar by many and best not used in the presence of sensitive-types. 
Why can't Asus just scrap the bloated Armoury Crate, or provide a 'Light' version that just focusses on fan control and lighting control without all the other very unnecessary features?
So here we are again: we're all going to lose way too much productivity because the corner stone control center that is Armoury Crate has once again failed us miserably.
When will this be scrapped or fixed?? 


Level 9

And if you can provide a fix so my Asus Gladius II mouse will give me an accurate charge level reading in Armoury Crate instead of getting stuck at 75% that'd be great too.


Hello Greg_F

When encountering issues with Armoury Crate, uninstalling and reinstalling will fix any issues you're having. Unless it's a known issue that ASUS is aware of which is addressed with a future update.

I don't have RGB memory or the ROG Gladuis II mouse, but I can say Armoury Crate is working well for me and I have quite a few ROG devices.

Take a few minutes and uninstall Armoury Crate from windows. Reboot your pc and install Armoury Crate version, then go to the Armoury Crate update center and check for updates.

I'm sure you already know this. To get your memory working with Aura Sync, go to your memory manufactures website and install the ASUS Aura Plug-in, they should have detailed instructions.

Armoury Crate - Support (

AC uninstall.png

After doing this, is everything back to normal including your ROG Gladius II battery percentage?

The latest version of Armoury Crate is, here are my devices.

AC Devices.png