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Suggestions QOL and features: Armory Crate

Level 9

Would be nice to get a couple of QOL issues addressed, plus fix this z790 hero lcd panel effect issue.


  • MOST IMPORTANT QOL ISSUE:  Can't separate the default effect on the z790 hero lcd panel ("ROG" generic) from the Polymo Special Effects (they cycle alternately together and this is annoying. I want to ONLY see the Light Drizzle or Rain, not have it alternate constantly). After separation, this may require a template of each Polymo Special Effect to be pre-installed to Aura Creator to help customize it.

Others less important: 

  • Allow setting of 1-2 colors on the Polymo Special Effect configuration, if possible (not absolutely necessary).
  • Allow labeling fans to easily see which is connected to which part.
  • Allow changing of fan speed of Ryujin 2 fans, it's inaccessible/disabled (I realise that Ryujin2 waterblock should not have fan off because it creates hot water, but the fan speed should have some adjustment, -maybe override the setting if the water temp becomes too hot at that setting).
  • Can't temporarily turn off a fan (off for 5 seconds before it should automatically go back on should be enough) to help identify it.

Level 9

If the separation of the effects is achieved, the Polymo Light Drizzle seems to have a temporal alteration over the course of the animation. This may require the template go into Aura Creator so it can be tweaked to be smoother temporally, just in case it creates issues with repetition, to smooth it out on a loop. The START of the Light Drizzle (it's white) is the best part, but it seems to become more rapid and shorter. The start may ideally be the best part to have on repeat without the second part, if there's issues with looping.