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STRIX B550-XE abnormal AURA behaviour

Level 8
Hello. After last several Armoury Crate updates I have started experience unusual behaviour of my devices leds (ASUS ROG STRIX B550-XE GAMING WIFI / STRIX GeForce RTX 3070 ОС / Crucial DDR4 16Gb 3000 Mhz Ballistix White RGB (BL16G30C15U4WL) x2):

1. Somehow after PC restart GPU and RAM leds started run of blinking or static light (random color, but usually it is red).

2. After Windows (11) shutdown, the motherboard LEDs (without GPU and RAM leds) spontaneously turns on.

3. Today Crate stopped seeing my Ballistix RAM leds. DDR4 leds just randomly blinking and I couldn't turn it off from even BIOS (tried Aura Off and Aura Stealth modes). So I decided to install Crucial MOD DDR4 Ballistix and now I can turn the light off or change it only through this app.

Maybe I shouldn't install any device led update Armoury Crate suggested me to install? I have been accepted to install all updates (maybe there was even AURA FIRMWARE, I don't remember). Maybe Aura behavior was broken by one of the updates?

Also today I have installed new STRIX B550-XE bios (2425). Could it help?
Or maybe a complete removal of Aura Crate can help?

I prefer to keep all PC LEDs off and spontaneous switching on is very annoying.

Level 8
So even full Armoury Crate uninstall doesn't help now. Also STRIX B550-XE bios update didn't change anything.
After PC shutdown and turn on RAM leds starts blinking. AURA settings in bios in "Aura off" mode.
After restart (without full PC shutdown) RAM leds still off if it was turned of in Windows. But after shutdown it leds are ON : (
That's just terrible, Asus. So big company cannot find good developers to write good software just for LEDs. Awful, disgusting, nauseous.

Even after full Crate reinstall with Armoury_Crate_Uninstall_Tool the app still can't see my RAM.
And what should I do now? Just make peace with the fact that the memory is constantly blinking?