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Stop AC from opening a bunch of Microsoft Edge processes?

Level 7
There are always 12 msedge.exe processes running on system boot which are linked to Armoury Crate. If I end them manually they're just back again the second I open the AC UWP or reboot my PC. They seem to be associated with the files/folders shown below.

I can't see any possible use for AC to keep them running 24/7.

Is there a way to disable Armoury Crate from opening them?


Level 14
At least some of the AC v5.x UI seems to be coded using HTML, and they seem to be using MS Edge to render it, so it's not something you can really disable. The processes shouldn't be using a lot of CPU or memory when AC isn't doing something; their impact on a modern system should be minimal. If any of them are constantly using significant CPU or a massive amount of memory, that would be a bug that should be reported in the AC bugs sticky thread.

True, it's not a big resource problem, but rather more of an annoyance and utterly unnecessary behaviour.

If it has to do with the AC UWP UI, they shouldn't need to be loaded on system boot since the app isn't opened on boot. Ideally they should only load once you open the actual app and then end the second you close the app, seeing as that's the only time the UI is used.

Here's me hoping a dev reads this and decides to fix it...