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Sound Optimization no longer working after Newest January 5th 2024 update on ROG DELTA

Level 9

I just download some updates for my ROG DELTA on January 4th , However the Sound optimization no longer work after that. Already try uninstalling and re install 


Level 8

Yep just updated and stopped working for me too. Uninstall and install didn't help 

22 february , still the same issue doesnt work on h3 wireless

Level 8

Same here whit Delta S Eva edition, i was looking around to find a fix but nothing... i reinstalled Armoury crate, also messing aroud with drivers but nothing, i was testing some games and the ones that have surround sound, sound really bad, too much virtualization, also i found that this is not the first time something like this happened, seems like in the past the fix was installing armoury II and enable sound optimization, then reinstall Armoury crate. but this was more with a supposed Firmware update on january 4th not by software, hope it gets fixed soon.

Level 7

happenend to me top

who can fix i ??? i hear like ******

Level 8

Same here. Fix better land soon.

Level 8

looking at the history updates is a firmware problem, hope they notice this and they fix it, the problem is SDK and ASUS Framework, not armoury crate, well that was my problem with Delta S Eva.

Level 8

I found a temporary fix

Audio optimization stopped working with latest SDK... - Republic of Gamers Forum - 985334 (

I already post what i found and how to fix it in my post

Thank you, I will try.

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Level 8

Same problem here, I just bought the Rog Delta S this month and when I try to change the sound optimization to FPS or any other thing the App bugs and cancels the changes , I updated the app and the firmware and all the updates but it didn’t fix anything, it’s really annoying