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Sort Out Your Software

Level 8

I'm sure I'm not the first  (or last) to say it, but  you need to sort out you software. Your hardware deserves better, you consider yourself to be the best, you advertise and promote your products that ARE supported by your (Armoury Crate), but yet it fails to do that. I have posted one post in (Software/Armoury Crate) and my email has been bombarded by your Bots asking me if my problem has been resolved (LOL). I, am a small fish in a big ocean, and you would not care if I never bought another of your products, and that's fine with me. But think of the future gamers/builders, and ask yourselves when your no longer stood on the number 1 podium, where did it all go wrong? Your customers and supporters deserve better. If I require a service, and it turns out the service is (CRAP), then I would look elsewhere for a better service. And may I suggest that's what you need to do. Your software writers are letting you down (Badly). I do not doubt how many posts/complaints you get will change anything, but as a customer and supporter, may I suggest....... if you cannot provide software that works, then do not advertise it with your products. (Just Saying).