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[SOLVED] Maximus Z690 Hero and last update = Fan Xpert 4 BUG

Level 10
I made the mistake of doing this update ... since Fan Xpert 4 no longer works, the page loads indefinitely 91033

Level 10
After the last update of HTML for FanXpert now the fan configuration remains stuck at 57% 91034

I don't count how many times I uninstalled AC and reinstalled but still no FanXpert 4 91078

same for me, worked fine until update
uninstalled all asus software and thats all
totally bugged update, no support, no announce, nothing

Level 7
Yes same for me, remove everything and reinstall again!

didn't work despite very very deep cleanup

I tried everything, uninstalled everything with Revo Uninstaller, the registry keys, the subfolders in several places, all traces of AC but nothing helps...

Maybe this one is unfixable without update/bug fix from Asus. So did version 4.2.5 work ok? And your problem is with version 5? What was the first version of Armoury Crate that was installed on the system?

Are you getting any error messages in windows event logs for AC processes/services?

version 4 worked fine and then drama appeared without asking, version 5
tried all your workaround and more using bcu uninstaller, no way to make it work

i suspect that html web server is faulty, app log is very poor html seems to be the winner
event viewer, procmon saw nothing