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Ryujin III 360 fan and pump speed is listed as zero

Level 7

Just built a X670E Crosshair Hero + 7950X3D + Hyperion Case + Ryujin III 360. Everything installs, POSTs, updated latest BIOS (1602 I think) and installed Windows 11 Pro and activated.

When I start Armoury Crate->Devices->Ryujin III->Fan Control, both the Embedded Micro Fan and Pump are listed as "Current RPM" and 0 rpm. The fan is connected to CPU Fan header on the board and the AIO Pump is connected to the AIO.

Note they seem to be running on maximum speed now continuously and I can't change it.

Both seem to be on full blast. Any idea what I am doing wrong?


Level 9


Here my 2-cents input 😎.  It may not be anything you do.  If you checked your connections and are 100% OK my recommendation(s);
Go first to you BIOS and run the FAN calibrations, save once completed the Bios. Reboot your system.
Wait a few minutes, yes until all is loaded that needs to be loaded and your LAN or WLAN connections had enough time to get  secure connection with the internet.   After a few minutes try to open AC, give it some Time as it will take some time to load all that comes with AC.

Now you can check the FAN controller settings in AC, I would run the calibrations now and once done save and backup your settings.
After all that reboot and see if it resolved the issue. 

I get daily emails from this forum, delete them if not for my Motherboard but on occasion I do read what one has entered so am aware of people having challenges.  I know it can be for most be frustrating. I have ab Angel Patience but at times I have to shake my head too.

Patience is a virtue.  AC is a wonderful tool, if it works but they are always working on improvements, that and the MS Microsoft Windows updates and if one did a BIOS Update are all possible causes of being the BAD person throwing something in how things work.
Also, one may laugh but, the internet is full of hackers trying to mess around with the internet and companies. 

Any who , lol, hope my 2-cents have some value and may help you resolve the challenge. Good Luck.

Respect! 😎


Level 7

Still not working...

Level 7

Reinstall Armoury Crate, updated fw/sw as instructed. AC latest simply isn't talking with the Ryujin III outside of the UsB port.

Can someone from Asus Support please help?