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Ryujin II 360 AIO stoped working with latest update to the HAL software

Level 10

As title says, there was a update to the Ryu II and my Z790 Apex and after that the LCD and fan controls dont work infinite loading screen.

Please fix this as I dont have control over the fans anymore. I have uninstalled AC with the uninstall tool restated and installed again and didnt fixed, I also power cycled the computer

Picture in attachment with the versions.

If you need anything else let me know!


Level 10

Its working now just updated again.

Level 9

Same here mine stopped working after the update it just hangs in display mode and unable to access through AC

Level 8

Ok now it’s working after armoury uninstaller tool did the job next reboot install armoury pack and select my ryujin 3 and unselect ryujin 2 , install armoury crate . Close it and open Microsoft store and update the app armoury to last version. Close reboot. Select update everything and then it work . Ok it’s still appear as “ ryujin 2 in devices . But it’s I was alble to set my fans and screen. 
Thanks everyone for the feedback and support. 

Level 13

Asus just stop the update for the aio HAl 

The fix for that, is coming next week. FOR USERS who already update, there are 2 options: keep it OR uninstall ac with tool and reinstall Ac to revert to the old version.

I post this on discord 10/27/2023 at 430am   


Learn, Play Enjoy!

Thanks for the update 👍

Community Admin
Community Admin

The updates are now available, there are the ones to look out for. 

AIOFanHAL V1.2.13.0

AIOFanSDK V3.00.09

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New problem~~The infinite LOADING screen of ROG OMNI RECEIVER cannot be displayed~And the ROG SCOPE II 96 wireless keyboard is switched to 2.4G mode and cannot be detected by the armory crate~It is probably because ROG OMNI RECEIVER cannot load normally~~~I can only say Can you please stop making weird updates all the time? There are always new problems appearing in the armory crate updates~ It almost drives me crazy

My ryujin still listed as 2 should i do something to bring it back to the real spec ? everting since to work well , but i dont know if im running still the wrong driver and it can bug ? also my norton utiltie see both drivers installed ryujin 2 and 3 . and recommendation will be appreciated thanks.Screenshot (3).pngScreenshot (4).png