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ROG Throne soundcard not recognized anymore.

Level 7
Since updating Armoury Crate to version, the soundcard in my ROG Throne is no longer detected.
The Throne does show up in the Aura Sync tab together with all my other Aura Sync devices, and the LED's still work and even sync. No problem there.
But the soundcard is nowhere to be found. Also in the Windows Device Manager it only shows up as an unknown USB-device with some error that the "Device Descriptor Request Failed". I tried unplugging and replugging it, but that didn't change anything.
Asus ROG Armoury (version 3.00.44) also doesn't recognize it and says I have no devices connected at all.
I also tried downloading and installing the GHS60_Audio_v0016 driver from the ROG Throne page under "Drivers & Tools", but again no succes.

What could cause this, and how do I fix it? Every other device is working, and even the Throne's Aura Sync works, just not the soundcard.