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ROG Theta 7.1 'Not Recognized' in Devices Tab after Framework Update

Level 8

After updating Framework of ROG Theta 7.1 to, the Devices Tab no longer 'recognizes' my ROG Theta 7.1 headphones and tells me to 'unplug it and then plug it back in'. I have unplugged the headphones from the USB port on the back of my motherboard multiple times, each time using a new USB port. It is still 'not recognized' in the Devices Tab of Armoury Crate. I have also restarted my computer multiple times. The issue is not resolved. ALL other programs that use my ROG Theta 7.1 headphones (including Windows) have detected my ROG Theta 7.1 headphones, and the headphones are operating normally. Please fix this, or implement a feature in Armoury Crate that allows the end users to roll back to the previous version of framework and firmware per device (including rolling back update for Armoury Crate), for all devices that ASUS makes. For a few years now, ASUS software development department deploys updates that either break more than the update fixes, or does not correct the issue the update intends to fix.

16 JULY 2023 Update:

None of the 3 patch updates over the course of the last week have fixed this issue. My ROG Theta 7.1 headset still shows the same error when I click on the Devices Tab and then click on ROG Theta 7.1. My microphone is really quiet and this is after adjusting my microphone volume to 100% in all programs that use my microphone AND moving the microphone physically closer to my mouth to the point where it is within 1/2 inch of my mouth.

24 JULY 2023 Update:

The Devices Tab is no longer responsive and does not load any of the adjustable settings for my ASUS devices.

01 AUGUST 2023 Update:

The Update released today fixed the issue for the ROG Theta 7.1 headset for about 2 hours. After the first two hours, it disconnects randomly, makes a loud static noise at random times, and cannot maintain using my Armoury Crate EQ settings for longer than 40 - 50 minutes. It will occasionally stop audio to either the left or right headphone speakers.'s back to telling me that 'your device is not detected, please unplug it and reconnect it' error in the Devices tab.


Level 7

Exactly same for me. Disabling left/right speakers, disconecting/reconecting, switching off to unrecognized device etc.