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ROG Strix Go BT - no input settings in armory crate

Level 7
Hi there,*

I had been using the ROG Strix Go 2.4 for working from home in a small house containing too many tiny humans and it legitimately saved my job.

I lost the little dongle, though, and decided to splurge on the BT model.

However, it’s been a disaster. The AI noise cancelling is clearly not on - at all - and Armory Crate only shows audio output settings, no input/mic settings at all.

I’ve googled relentlessly, updated, disabled, enabled, uninstalled, reinstalled, tried on other computers, even got a replacement from Amazon sent in case it was some kind of defective hardware. I am at my wits’ end and super stressed out as I really do need that background noise elimination for my job.*
*If anyone has any ideas or knows what the issue might be I would appreciate it so much!*

I’m trying to configure the settings on a Lenovo Yoga running windows 11. I don’t have admin privileges on my work computer that I actually use Armory Crate, but that’s a Dell computer running windows 10. *

Hello leiliyah,

Welcome to the ROG forum.

I'm using the ROG Delta S Animate, it may look different since you're using a different headset.

The blue slider under Recording is your mic volume.

Set AI Noise Cancellation to High if you're able to, Noise Gate can also help in some instances.

Click the pic to make it bigger