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ROG Live Service High CPU

Level 10

For the past few weeks now, the ROG Live Service at random times starts consuming between 6-20% CPU. 

The ROG Live Service doesn't appear to be doing anything else - no networking and no disk usage.
It will stay running and consuming CPU as long as I let it. 

If I end the task I have to restart my PC so Armoury Crate can get it's Update Center working again (populated). After that it seems to behave properly for a few days, then randomly starts with the high CPU thing again.

This is getting annoying and usually causes noticeable lag in whatever I'm doing at the time and causes all my fans to ramp up loudly.  Even though I have an Intel i7-12700KF with 20 cores, that 6-20% CPU the service is using seems to make the Fan Expert lose it's cool. (pun intended)

Have a Good One! 😎