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RoG Gladius II Origin not being detected

Level 9
Hi, once more.
I already posted on another thread (the one that everyone is complaining about Armoury Crate) but i don't want to spam that. So i opened this one instead.

My problem is plain simple:

I had armoury crate working flawlessly since August, updating ever since, last week after the device kit update this happened:


My mouse won't work as it should anymore, can't access device page settings, adjust DPI, lighing or even use profiles for different games.

After a long troubleshooting and an extensive reading at this forum (and other sites) i had no luck. But then, i remembered to roll back with Windows System Restore to where i had device kit.


Now i can use the profiles correctly but can't access device settings because it will ask me to update to

If someone comes up with a solution, please, share!

I already opened a support ticket with ASUS Portugal and gave me a file to fill it up with my system specs, so they can replicate the problem. So, i want to believe its under investigation....

Again, please stop forcing updates on us. Do update! New features are always cool. But give us at least older versions to keep things working if we run into troubles.

Thank you