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ROG Falchion Keyboard Failed To Update "Encountered Error Trying To Identify The Firmware Version"

Level 7


I just bought a new falchion keyboard, and my keyboard just arrived about 2 hours ago, after arrived, i tried to download armoury crate application, and after done downloading, i tried to update my firmware ROG falchion, first update it worked, and after that, another update show again, and i tried to update the new firmware (Version: 32.72.02 Date: 2022/09/06) and the updating process was failed, it show "Encountered Error Trying To Identify The Firmware Version. Please Reconnect The Device, And click "Check For Updates" To Try Again". i already tried many things, i tried to unplug the USB cable, i tried to unplug the USB dongle, and try to plug USB cable and USB dongle together, and i click check for updates, it still doesnt work, so i decided to uninstall and reinstalling the armoury crate using UninstallTool, and it wont work again, i tried to uninstall and reinstall 3 Times and it still wont work, i tried to remove device from my laptop setting, and it wont work, i already tried update with wired mode (off) and it still wont work, the warning pop up is still exist, im so confused, please help me to solve this problem.


Level 7

Saludos, Tengo el mismo problema pero mi teclado funciona pero menos la luz RGB, si encuentro algo te aviso y si tu lo encuentra por favor escribes.