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Rog Crosshair X670E Extreme BUG Basic AniME Matrix effects not working AC ver

Level 7

The AniME Matrix basic effects are not working.

Only custom effects work.  I want the Akira effect and it is not present under the custom options. None of the four basic effects work. even on the preview it is blank.


Level 8

My Rog Crosshair X670E Extreme BUG Basic AniME Matrix shows no display at all what ever I do. 

The motherboard is less than 3 weeks old. Logged a ticket with ASUS. Looks like this needs to be RMA'd.

What a hassle for a very expensive board.

Level 7

Yea, for me it works but i can't make it turn off when I shut down the PC, unless I power off completely... not sure what I'm going to do... I am not a gamer and I don't know who this Akira is but I don't want him on my $1000+ motherboard. Should have an option to turn it off right?!?!?!?!?! Hope they cook up a fix for this one soon. Just uninstalled armory crate again, going to try to control argb from bios only.


You can choose to turn it off after shutdown.
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