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ROG Azoth input source switching with Mac

Level 7

First of all, I only have Mac. Therefore, I am not able to access Armoury Crate and upgrade my ROG Azoth.
The main question I met is when I use caps lock to switch language to mandarin, it will still be English. I was wondering if that was my Mac's problem. However, simultaneously connected to another bluetooth keyboard, that one works fine. I tried to connect the Azoth with another Mac and same issue appeared. It is very weird when two keyboard connected to a Mac at the same time, typing on one keyboard will be Mandarin and the other one is English.


Level 7

Um.... I'm having the same problem........

I was using both asus laptop and mac but bc of some kinda problem I'm now only using mac with my asus azoth keyboard.

Firstly there is armoury crate on apple store now 🙂 Which is good.

But as it is on windows, there is bugs everywhere ^^ haha.

Well I am able to download armoury crate but not able to register my asus azoth.

Also the language chaging prob is happening to me bc I'm korean, I need to use both korean and english but the language is not changing so thats another problem.

I'm using macbook so I can change language by simply clicking on the caplock on my keyboard(on my mac book) but it doesn't work in my asus azoth, but if you r using mac? sorry I don't know how to solve that problem.......

Good Luck!!! 

wish this helps