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Rog Ally + XG Mobile issue with last Armoury Crate update

Level 8

Hi !
Just to point out that several users (on reddit) seem to encounter issue with Rog Ally and XG Mobile since the last Armoury Crate update

I am using XG Mobile (2023) since day one without any issue.

Then I updated Rog Ally to bios 3.22 : no issue
Then I updated AC to the last version : I keep having connection issue (I have to connect/disconect XG Mobile several time to have it working or I need to remove HDMI cable before enabling it or sometimes I need to remove the power cable of the XG Mobile to have it working)
Sometimes AC keeps switching between activate/deactivate state ; sometimes XG Mobile is not recognized (even with RED LED on), ...
The last AC update seems bugged with XG Mobile


Level 8

I am having the same issue. I just purchased the 6850 2022 model and was able to connect to it twice. Now when I try it will Activate and show on my TV for a split second. Then it will Deactivate in a continuous loop on my Ally. I have read that the issue is due to an armory crate update, but I am so frustrated with this, I am considering returning the XG Mobile.

I'm having the same issue. I can get to stay on sometimes after many, many restarts. This is not great....

OK so i think I found a work-around. Installing the SE version of armoury crate from the website on top of the one default installed seems to work. It looks like both processes run, but the issue seems to be that the full version of the software is in some sort of power-saving mode preventing it from operating. I dunno about you but when mine was doing this the buttons to pull up armoury crate, the config menu, etc all weren't working either. It seems likely that the armoury crate has deep integrations with some of their special hardware.

My advice: you should keep your eGPU. I'm keeping mine. Even with this problem: you can always revert to the previous version using sysem restore or other methods. If it's not a physical issue then there is a solution.

Level 8

Here are 2 workarounds for the issue :
1) before activating the XG Mobile, power it off by removing the power cord then power it on again (you need to do that each time you want to activate the XG Mobile). A little bit a annoying but not a big deal (I have mine working everytime by doing that)

2) Use G-Helper .. G-Helper has 0 issue with activating/deactivating the XG Mobile

@Concret I was able to get it connected with method 1) 
However, I closed out of the AC app on my Ally before I plugged the XG Mobile connector in. That may be the the extra step I will need to do each time for now, and if it holds up I will accept that. I only had time to test it once before posting this. I'll update if this method starts to fail too. Thank you.

Level 8

Hello, i have many connections problèms between my rog ally and my xg mobile 2022... 

Level 8


 i have this screen Who stay like that the garphic card activated but No transfer on my Tv with hdmi....

Did you ever have this problem ? Did you find an issue ?


Solution : 

1) donwload GHelper

2) in extra - disable all Asus services

3) remove "GPUSwitchplugin" folder from Armoury Crate SE installation folder

4) re ensable Asus services

5) use GHelper to activate/ deactivate XG Mobile instead of AC

Thx i have download g helper