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RGB lights resets to rainbow on boot

Level 7

Hello ROG Community,

I am facing an issue with the Armoury Crate, I am currently using the latest version of the software. I have configured my shutdown effect to be on static pale blue which is okay, the light of the motherboard remains pale blue while PC is off. But whenever I switch on the PC all the lightings display rainbow color, and my color settings of pale blue will only be set once windows is loaded. Is there any fix in this issue that my rgb settings will remain even when pc is booting up.


Level 7

I'm experiencing the same exact issue.

I'm on a recently completed build (TUF Z790 Pro) and first time using Aura Sync, initially thought that it was somehow the normal behaviour until I found out posts like yours, it's not a big issue but still annoying, hope we'll get some hints here.

Level 8

Hi ,

Try to see if u have any other software installed or pre installed that could interfere with changing ur rgb lights. 

Nope, mine is a fresh build with only Armoury Crate installed for rgb control. I read a few posts about similar issues and apparently the only workaround that's good for me would be sticking to the old, deprecated, standalone version of the Aura software but that would mean not having the full functionalities that Armoury Crate has.

The point is, old software works, so the option to make it work is somehow there, why the new version is not working the same way?

Level 7

Mine is a complete white build with light pale blue almost close to white setup of rgb lights. its very annoying to boot on rainbow colors and wait for windows to load completely. I am using armoury crate and icue for my RAM. but i followed to instruction of armoury crate for installing the icue plugin. and i also turned of the plugin option in icue. the thing with the old aura sync is that you are stucked with one effects for all RGB lights. unlike armoury crate you can use aura creator to segregate effects per layer. i hope there is a solution to this to make my rgb effects on boot.