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RGB lights flashing/flickering uncontrollably, need help

Level 7

I've had this problem for a couple of weeks now. I've had the PC and lights for a little more than a year and everything worked just fine until a couple of weeks ago.
That's when they suddenly started acting up. I was still using the old AURA software and out of desperation decided to update to Armoury Crate since I hadn't known about it until then, hoping it'd help fix the issue.

The RGB stripe along with the lights on the sides of the cabinet as well as the fan lights all are connected and flicker/flash uncontrollably. Only thing that doesn't flash is the RAM RGBs which are being controlled by iCUE.

I've tried a lot of things at this point. Uninstalling, re-installing AC. Disabling iCUE and my other programs that oversee RGB lights with my PC set-up. Tried toying around with some settings in AC. Nothing seems to help. It almost seems to live its on life.

I suspect that it's being disrupted by some update or some small file or something like that.

Unfortunately, I'm not a PC guro and know next to nothing beyond what I have just described.

The only thing that stops the flashing/flickering, is when I use the Dark mode in AC to disable it. Oddly enough that's the only thing it seems to listen to for some reason.

Would appreciate any kind of help at this point because this is driving me nuts.

Edit: Forgot to add my specs.
Svive Halo S650 Midi Tower
Akasa Magnetic ARGB LED Stripe
AMD Ryzen 7 5800X
Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO DDR4 3200MHz 16GB
ASUS TUF GAMING B550-PRO Motherboard
Corsair TX650M, 650W PSU

Level 7

The uninstall process requires software downloaded from ASUS, it is the Armoury Crate Uninstall Tool and can be found in the downloads for your motherboard.
Using the Windows uninstall process does not work.

From the ASUS Support Center, select your operating system then click Show all in blue, it's the third download.

If using the uninstall tool fails, or does not fix the issue after you reinstall, there may be a need to reinstall Windows (ugh, it sucks but it does clean out the Armoury Crate garbage left behind from old versions). I had to do the reinstall that wipes the drive to get a working AC, so be sure to have backups of everything.

If you are unable or unwilling to reinstall Windows, then Signal RGB is available for free or pay. It seems to work pretty reliably. The updates to it don't break everything, so there is a big bonus.

Level 7

Hi, I'm having the same issue and until now I haven't found any fix.