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RGB hangs after certain amount of time

Level 9

The RGB on my motherboard and fans freezes after a certain amount of time, but not the DDR5 modules. Also the Anime Matrix freezes, but the OLED keeps running. RGB can't be reset through ArmouryCrate, only a shutdown helps.

motherboard: ROG Maximus Z690 Extreme
bios: 1101

Level 9
It could be worth to try, but I did not spend 530 euro's on some ddr5 to run it below XMP settings.

I did some more testing and I actually found some reasonably stable settings:

First I have to manually stop the second AAC MB HAL process (the one that doesn't show activity).
Then, instead of running RGB through Armoury Crate, I must use Aura Creator. This works for all led strips on the motherboard (and the Coolermaster ELV8 gpu bracket).
I must use only 1 animation on the Anime Matrix. If I run more than one (customized effects through Armoury Crate), it will freeze.
I must use animation on the OLED screen, if I use hardware monitor, the OLED will become scrambled after a while.
I must make sure that In-Game lighting effects are turned off in Armoury Crate.

So, even with my memory at current high frequency, it is possible to get something "stable". This clearly indicates to me that the software is just not "ready" yet for this motherboard. I am a bit disappointed to see that a big company like Asus can't seem to employ some experienced software developers to make their own software. Currently Armoury Crate is no more that a collection of software made by other companies wrapped in a UWP package... I am a software developer myself, I am sure my clients would never accept this...

Level 9
I see a memory leak too with certain Aura effects. For me, Smart causes LightingService to increase 0.1 MB/s. Background info... I have been running fine on my system (Z690 Hero) and saw this thread. I looked at LightingService and it was running about 11 MB. After a couple hours it was still at 11 MB.

So I thought I would play around by enabling Advanced effects and Performance Mode. No changes were noted.

I then tried different effects. As soon as I enabled Smart, the memory usage started going up. Only after a few minutes it is now up to 60 MB. Choosing another effect stops the increase. Selecting Smart again increases the usage to where it left off.

Try changing the Aura effect to see if stops the memory increase.