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RF_RSSITool.txt file gerenates GBs of data and uses up space

Level 7

Hi guys, i am seeing that this "RF_RSSITool.txt" file generates and ads a lot of data with the time.. 

Its location is : C:\ProgramData\ASUS\ARMOURY CRATE Diagnosis\AsusLog\...

cmon 4GB of file size, what the hell, thats a LOG file? i would understand a server is generating suc log files, but a softweare like this?? thats not normal i think..

can i delete this file? and i know What RF and RSSI stands for, how is this file linked to wifi things? i just dont get it..


Level 7

in the same ASUS log folder im seeing more mistycal files:


fan_fansetup.exe (filetype txt  document)

fan_setup.exe (filetype txt document)




-----wtf.... fan_setup.exe as a txt file type - guys thats not normal.. why should asys software  make a txt file with *.exe in the end nad its 1kb in size.. 


Level 7

Hey, I have this same problem and I first found the file today
I was wondering, what ASUS brand pc parts did you install on your pc?
I have an ASUS motherboard and the RSSItool file I have appears in my "Armoury Device" but my RF_RSSITool file doesn't say its  .txt file, its type is an application.
Have you found the solution yet?

by the way RSSI stands for Received Signal Strength Indicator

i deleted that file..

ah alright, im not deleting it yet because im unsure if its anything bad. it was copied to the armoury device the day when some new pc parts were set up + scanning it with malware bytes didn't detect anything


Level 7

If you delete RF_RSSITool.log, Armoury Crate work just fine.  Everytime you start Armoury Crate, it recreates the file if it doesn't exist and adds about 2KB of log messages related to "[RF_RSSITool] [info] [realtimemultithread.cpp]"

I noticed that this file was at 13GB, and couldn't even open it in Notepad or Sublime text without overloading the applications.  Very sloppy programming on Asus' part, but that seems par for the course.

yeah deleting it wont do anything bad. but the armoury software i a piece of c**** that uses 100+ services in the bacground and makes 10GB + size files n my pc