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Reverted from Windows 11 to 10 to fix overheating and other issues, it worsened.

Level 7

I bought my first gaming laptop, an ASUS TUF A15 (Ryzen 5 5600H GTX 1650) 8 months ago. 
When I first bought it, it was okay but after a few months it started overheating. It came with Windows 11 when I bought it. It started overheating after a few months (60+c on idle, 80+c on games like Roblox on lowest graphics, below 100 fps, max fan speeds) I used Turbo configuration in armory crate to help with the overheating, but it didn't.
I went to the ASUS service center to get it serviced, they cleaned the thermals and gave it back. The overheating still remained. So, I sent it again and they said it was due to Windows 11. I reinstalled Windows 10 from the Windows Media Creation tool. It did a clean reinstallation but. A lot of ASUS basics were missing like armory crate, my ASUS, drivers.
I reinstalled them but. A LOT OF WINDOWS FEATURES WERE MISSING TOO like " Asus recommended power plan, different power plans, advanced power and graphics settings". I opened armory crate first time after reinstalling windows and to my disappointment, EVEN GAMEVISUAL BUGGED. "GameVisual may not be supported" LIKE ITS AN ASUS GAMING LAPTOP AND HOW ITS NOT SUPPORTED.
My overheating still persisted. The idle overheating fixed but not the gaming overheating. Temps on idle: 50-55c Turbo mode. Temps while Roblox (lowest graphics Turbo Mode): 85-90c. 
After reinstalling windows, even the CPU got overclocked.
Before it didn't go above 3.5 Ghz but now it's on 3.9-4 Ghz on idle and gaming too.



Level 9

What was originally your idle temps on Silent Mode?

60C on idle and 80C on games with Turbo Mode activated are definitely not overheating. Normal temps for an ASUS TUF laptop. In Silent Mode you could expect around 45C to 55C (maybe lower in very cold winter days). But in Turbo Mode, 60C and 80C are quite normal.

If you saw little to no difference installing Windows 10, go back to the system that was originally on the laptop. Just create a Windows 11 USB with Media Creation tool as you did with Windows 10. Before doing so, make sure you download all the official drivers for your laptop here, just make sure you are selecting the right model of TUF A15.

Make sure you are offline all the time while installing Windows and while you install all your drivers. Once all your drivers are all installed, connect to the internet and let Windows Update to update everything.

Once everything is updated, install Armoury Crate. Restart as many times as your laptop ask for it.

Missing graphic settings and gamevisual not supported seems like an issue with the drivers of your AMD integrated graphics. In the link above this should appear as AMD Chipset and AMD Radeo Graphics, or something similar. That's why its recommended you install first all official drivers by ASUS. You can update later AMD and Nvidia graphics from AMD and Nvidia official websites if you need it, but first make sure everything works with the official ASUS drivers.

Your CPU has a base clock of 3.3Ghz with a boost clock of 4.2Ghz. So 3.9 and 4Ghz are not overclocking speeds. Your CPU has a Max Operating Temp of 105C, so 90C is not to worry at all, specially on a laptop. 

If they really cleaned your thermals, you should be not worried at all for temps.




On silent temps go over 70c.
Tried asus drivers but didn't fix the issues.
The only noticable change I got from switching OS is usage of CPU and RAM which is around 5-6%

Maybe, and it's just a maybe, you're having the same issue I had. Since you mentioned the issue started recently, its maybe an error with Armoury Crate.

I was having an issue with Armoury Crate not limiting the voltage of the CPU, so even in Silent Mode I was having a high CPU speed, high temps, high voltage. It was an issue between the new Armoury Crate and a Windows update. You can check the full issue description here.

And this was the recommendation that the admin gave me.

And it worked for me. Armoury Crate is limiting again voltage, CPU speeds are low again in Armoury Crate and temps are normal.

Check what is your CPU voltage in Armoury Crate. It should be most of the time around 700mv in Silent Mode and reach around 1200mv in Turbo Mode. Those values might differ from laptop to laptop, but it's an estimate. 

I read the thread but could not find the configinstaller you mentioned.
Can you explain again what did you do to fix your issues.


Also, in my laptop there's only one power plan after reinstalling windows.


And there's the power mode being changable when it shouldnt be as you mentioned in that thread.


the overheating fixed (on turbo) so thats not a big issue ( i use a coolpad on max fan speeds)
and switching the profiles wont switch the display refresh rate, even on silent it stays on 144, which is annoying since most of the time i forget to switch it manually ( i was used to the auto refresh rate change before these issues arised)

idk if there are any more issues but the power plan and silent mode is the only one i know else

I can see in your screenshot that you are indeed probably having the same issue that I had, since you're not supposed to have any power mode available in your Power & Battery screenshot.

Reply to the admin Master C in this post, tell him that you are having the same issue, but tell him that you have a different laptop, and tell him the exact model, mine is a TUF FX505 DT from 2019. There are several TUF A15 models. Find in the back of your laptop which one is yours.

He probably can share with you the configinstaller for your laptop model, since the one he shared is for the FX505DT laptop.