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Restarting a stuck background process/Frozen RAM rgb

Level 9

I already posted some time ago about a problem that i'm having with my ram's rgbs getting stuck after a while. This also started happening (more rarely) to the other rgb's present in my rig.
After some testing I came to the conclusion that Armourycrate is at fault for this because if the only piece of hardware that is not asus branded (my ram) and thus indipendent from armoury crate itself, is not synced with the program, it will never freeze.

Let's get back on track, what did I discover? Well, for starters that if the rgb is stuck all you need to do is go to the services page in task manager and force a restart on "Lighting Service", give it a second or 2 and all the rgb will start working again. You can test this by force terminating the background process called "AAC MB HAL" in task manager, kill it and the rgb will freeze, restart the service and it will come back.
So this brings us to the last point

There's a third background process in my taskmanager "AAC DRAM HAL" aac is armoury crate, HAL the "code" for light control and DRAM, yeah it's self explicative. I can kill the background process but I can't find a way to force restart it, unlike for AAC MB HAL.

Anyone knows a way or a cmd command to do it? I feel like I'm so close to resolve this issue

Immagine 2023-10-24 212009.png

 here are the three background process I mentioned, also, is it normal to have 2 active for the motherboard? One of those two if killed does nothing