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Requesting FORCED eco mode when unplugged

Level 7

Hi, I'm posting this to request a feature in armoury crate to have an automatic eco mode set forcefully when unplugged. I know ASUS recommends using optimized mode which is supposed to switch to eco mode when unplugged but it simply never works. There are always some applications running in the background that restricts optimized mode to disable discrete GPU. The battery backup is terrible if I leave it to optimized mode, like 3 hours when 100% charged.

I have to always open armoury crate and select eco mode after unplugging and switch to another mode when plugged in. It would be just convenient to have this setting automated.

I believe most people will benefit from this as Windows is infamous about running tons of background softwares and it's almost always going to be the case when optimized mode is failing to disable GPU.