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Request: F13-F24 key support for mouse software in Armoury crate.

Level 7

I love my Gladius III Wireless. It's ergonomic perfection for my hand, but Armoury crate is lacking in many features. I would like to request a revisit of how you handle assigning keyboard inputs to mice buttons. Most of your major competitors [razer and logitech] provide the ability to assign a keyboard key to a mouse button from the F-13 to F-24 range. The beauty of having this option is that I can assign a key that is almost never assigned in any other program for my own uses. In particular, I like to use my rear thumb button for push-to-talk in Discord which already accepts a crazy amount of different inputs. I have also gone so far as to create Auto Hotkey scripts that allow me to remap a button press to say F-13, but Armoury crate will not detect it.

I have tried weird button combinations, too. Both Discord and ASUS accept them, but Discord and Armoury crate don't play nice together in this space meaning a button combo for push to talk in armoury crate doesnt always trigger Discord push to talk.

Another possible direction would be to be able to assign a mouse button to nothing by default but still have it discoverable by other programs. The default rear thumb button is to go back in a browser,  but there only options to  disable or assign other functions. 

As a software dev this doesn't seem like a hard thing to implement. Please take my favorite mouse and give me the functionality of assigning the actual keyboard input I want. If Discord can detect boatloads of weird assignments, so can you.