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Ram leds not working with newest update kit

Level 11
I got a maximus extreme XIII mobo with G skill royal trident Z ram
And they where not detected in armoury crate until now with a recently update that asus think they fixed.

The problem is when i synch my ram in armoury crate then all my ram leds starts to blink random and in chaos order.
And i cant set any scene or change the ram leds. Normaly i use rainbow as default for my led strips and motherboard rgb leds from phantek.
Then i unsych my ram to use ther default rainbow mode that fits with the rest of the hardware.

But as soon i synch the ram in armoury crate then the leds goes nutz litterly..some of the leds even freeze up an dthen i need to unsynch em and power off the pc.
So they can run with default rainbow or used with Gskill aura tool.

But Hey ! at least the ram gets detected now..thats something...when can i expect a full working version of this new update ? 2023 ?
Do anyone else have problems with ther ram leds and this new update ?

*Update: I just uninstalled armory crate and reinstalled it again. Now my ram dosent even show up on the synch list anymore...* Golf clap !
Great work assus !! Faith restored...NOT !

My head hurts from this BS software...whyy !!!

Hey Psycrow,

Just wondering if you installed the G.Skill software, configured the lighting with it, then disabled the G.Skill software from Startup in task manager, then reboot.

This is what I've seen how people get control of their ram in Armoury Crate.

Give it a try, does it work for you? Close Armoury Crate before installing and configuring your ram with the G.Skill software.

Level 11
Hello Nate 🙂

Amazing...that seems to fix it..when i installed the trident z g skill software and reopened crate then my ram suddenly showed up.
Should they not be detected as default ? I feel like i had to start a old car with jumper cables here...

Also asus just released a new ram kit update for crate. So my ram was being detected in aura creator also. Until now i could only see motherboard and my neon strips.

What i first did: I had crate installed for a long time and was updating it and noticed the ram kit patch. Then i checked aura creator and i could see my ram show up finaly...
Then i tryed to create a scene or make some effects by adding a time line and effect. Then my ram leds freaked out and froze. Even after reboot. So i uninstalled crate with the removal tool and reinstalled it. Then my ram would not show up anywhere...until i tryed ur fix. Now i can synch my ram again, but the ram wont show up in aura creator now..even with the new what happend ? It allmost worked as i spoke with asusu support that was working on the problem with the G skill ram. I guess it still dosent work 100 % and i will see what comes in the future...I hope my ram leds will work with asus creator one day.

Level 11
It did work last day but suddenly the ram is not shown in the synch list in crate..this is a nightmare..nothing works correctly what i ever own....

Level 7
Same issue since the beginning of April. Initially I thought it was ruined by Windows 11 ni release, but it is more serious than that.

Alpert3 wrote:
Same issue since the beginning of April. Initially I thought it was ruined by Windows 11 ni release, but it is more serious than that.

I guess they realy messed up this time...Also how can they release something like this ?

Level 11
Also now i cant see the motherboards options like shutdown effects and just keps loading and loading...

If it doesn't eventually load, this could be something with the framework services.

Unfortunately, the only thing I know that fixes this is a fresh windows reinstall.

Level 7
I have same issue. Crucial Ballistix RGB ram worked fine until these latest rounds of Armoury Crate updates. Now they just flash their start up pattern, and it cannot be changed. I've tried these sticks in 2 computers, so I know they broke the software. I doubtful anyone at Asus goes through these forums on a regular basis so I hope someone can get this info to the appropriate people.