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"Shutdown effect" tab not showing up

Level 7

I got some ARGB fans recently, and I'm trying to keep them on while my PC is asleep. Supposedly, there's a setting when checking the motherboard at device info in Armoury Crate that lets you configure that, but that setting is gone for me. The "Shutdown effect" tab is supposed to be next to the "RGB Headers" tab and whatnot, but it's simply not there for me, and I've only found one other post talking about this, and in that case it got fixed after an update. I only started trying to get this to work a week ago so I don't know if this issue has been there for longer.

I've got no idea if I'm doing something wrong or what on earth is going on lol. I've updated the bios, the aura setting in the bios is set to "All on", and of course Armoury Crate is also updated. My motherboard's a Prime B660M-Plus D4, supposed to be compatible with Aura Sync.

I'd appreciate any help I can get.


Some ASUS motherboards have this setting in the BIOS. Not every board will have the same features in Crate. So you might want to try future Crate updates as they come out, but no guarantee it will add a feature unavailable to you.
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Level 7
Hey, thanks for your answer.

Sadly I've checked the BIOS but I have found nothing related to this. I've seen the usual AURA settings on the BIOS where you can set it to Off, Stealth, etc, but that doesn't do the trick, as I've tried with all possible options with no success.

I'm starting to wonder if my mobo doesn't support this feature. I have checked its manual and I don't see any reasons as to why that wouldn't be the case, but either way I'm in touch with tech support, and will update this post once I get an answer.

Thank you