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Quality of life needs in armoury crate!

Level 7

I am not sure why these things are not already available in the armory crate software. Both for the Ally and pc versions.

So here we go:

Under game tab armoury crate dose not remember the last settings used. If I set the games tab to "platform" and organized to "A-Z" and then close out the software or restart pc. It will default back to "All" and "Resently played".  Why???????? It should remember the last setting used. 

Games tab should have customizable groups that you can set and order however you want.

Under aura sync it will not remember those settings ether. I have to set it to device every time after I close the software. Or it will not change lighting based off of "Scenario profiles".

Please give some time to these things Asus. New features are nice, but armoury crate really needs these things.