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profiles dont switch anymore

Level 8

cant get my profiles to switch anymore,,,,,after the last 2 armoury crate updates,i bought a new mouse and keybaord to make sure it wasnt my old keyboard and mouse,took the new stuff back to micro center for refund.i have clean installed win 11,updated everything,but it is a no go,,,,can anyone help figure this out,,,,,i wish i was not forced to update,,,becuase my older version of armoury crate before the festive events update worked fine and had zero issues,,,,,,should i roll back bios to the original ,,,,i dont know anymore,,i have an expensive rig that is all asus rog,even down to the 2 glass mouse pads,,,,,,its a shame i spend more time lately in armoury crate then i do enjoying my rig,,,,,any help would be appreciated,,,