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Problem with Armoury Crate.

Level 7

I have a problem with the Fan Speed panel on the Armoury Crate Home screen not working 98% of the time.

It does not show anything but 0's. Once in a while it will work but most of the time it doesn't. You can leave it running for thirty minutes or more and it never works.

If it starts up and is working it will work until you close the screen, switch to a different screen or switch to a different app then if you go back to the Home screen it will not be working.

It's been this way ever since I got the Strix G16 laptop 2023. 

Any one have an idea of a fix? 


Customer Service Agent

Hi @Werusgki ,

Please try using the uninstall tool to remove Armoury Crate and reinstall it to see if it improves. 
Additionally, please try using MyASUS to check if the fan operation is working properly. Thank you.

Thank you Anbby_ROG for your information.

I was able to use the uninstall app to uninstall but I could not get Armoury Crate to install. 

It would install up to the UWP part and then fail. I had to boot from a earlier Restore Point to get Armour Crate back. 

So the problem still is there but I'll just live with it for now. 

Customer Service Agent

Hi @Werusgki ,

Thank you for your feedback. I would like to confirm if you have tried using cloud recovery to restore the system to its original factory state to see if the issue improves. Thank you.

Level 7

I have problems that it doesnt even show any laptop information tried updating, deleting, reinstalling stuff. It stays the same..



Customer Service Agent

Hi @Gatis ,

May I ask what is the model of the laptop you are currently using?
You mentioned that you have tried deleting and reinstalling related software. I would like to confirm if you have tried removing ASUS System Control Interface v3, uninstalling Armoury Crate using the uninstall tool, and then reinstalling ASUS System Control Interface v3 and Armoury Crate to see if there is any improvement. Thank you.