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Problem with Armory Crate causing high cpu utilization - Crosshair Viii X570 Formula

Level 7
This has been an ongoing issue that I traced to the Aroura Helper Process. This started to happen after Armory Crate updated during the summer. I did a re-install of the application and the same problem occurs.

The only viable fix is to manually close the process (Aurora Helper) on startup. This resolves the issue until the next restart of the computer. I don't keep my computer online 24/7 since I don't want to leave it unattended (fire potential, lifespan of components).

Is there a fix for this issue?

I have had my CH viii Formula MB for around 2 years, to be honest it has only been completely stable after recent BIOS updates, its currently paired with my 5950x CPU. The remaining issue is Armory Crate.. which has in the past also caused issues with stability and never seems to remember the RGB settings without a restart of the app. Overall the MB does well when I don't have an issue and I have enjoyed many many gaming hours.

I am on the fence with: keeping this setup and board until AM5, upgrading and replacing it with a CH viii extreme, or upgrading and replacing it with a EVGA Dark X570. I have an EVGA 3090 FTW3 GPU so.. maybe the EVGA path is where I need to go since Armory crate is a problem. The EVGA software to control the GPU seems far less buggy.

Level 8
I am also seriously considering a move off of Asus motherboards to EVGA with their X570 Dark mobo even though it’s insanely expensive and is meant to live on a test bench, I have had a similar experience with both my Formula and Dark Hero motherboards and have a feeling that any other motherboard manufacturer will offer an even worse experience. I will wait on reviews of that board of course, but those reviewers rarely live day in and day out with a motherboard they review, running all the necessary apps for a proper PC experience. For me it’s approaching a situation where the devil I don’t know is worth a shot compared to the ones I do. Many of the stability issues could be AMD issues with AGESA and maybe even inherent to the X570 platform itself for all I know, but EVGA seems to have a reputation for having the very best motherboards from everything I’ve seen online. I know their X1 app is competently made, so that scores points with them for me.