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Problem with 5.2.12 Update

Level 7
Hi, so I am having a problem with the newest Armoury Crate update.
1. The major problem: None of the dashboard features are working properly (in the screenshots I'll be providing, you can see that it's not listing anything under the 'Frequency' tab), and I figure that's because the software detects my devices and then 'undetects' them. I'll provide some screenshots below.
2. The minor problem: When I just opened the app, this problem didn't occur, but following the update, when I opened the app it took a good minute to get past the 'loading' part.

Some things to bear in mind:
1. I just made this PC (it's only been around 2-3 weeks) and before this update, the AC lighting service had a bug under the 'devices' tab for my motherboard where it would always pop up with 'Lighting Service is busy. Please try again later.' It was just with the motherboard, as under the 'devices' tab for my graphics card, I was able to open it just fine.
2. When I contacted the ASUS support about the above problem, they asked my to troubleshoot it, and prior to that chat I didn't know there was an uninstall tool for the app. So, I had manually uninstalled part of the program before using the uninstall tool.
3. As of right now, I've uninstalled and reinstalled AC quite a few times to try and fix the problems I've been facing.
4. Prior to the update, after I reinstalled AC the first time, it wouldn't let me update to the (or whatever was prior to this one).

For extra information, here is the overall app versions:
Item Version
---- -------
Armoury Crate UWP App
ROG Live Service
Aura Service (Lighting Service) 3.05.66
Armoury Crate lite service 5.2.10
Aura Wallpaper Service Not installed
ASUS AURA Extension Card HAL
KingstonDram 1.1.12
ASUS AURA Motherboard HAL
AURA DRAM Component 1.1.18
Patriot Viper DRAM RGB
Patriot Viper M2 SSD RGB
Universal Holtek RGB DRAM

Any input or help would be appreciated!

We'll just have to wait and see. I'm not in a rush to try and fix it without knowing all of my options since I don't particularly care about the readings. As I said before, the only reason I'm interested in fixing this problem is because it's quite annoying that it should be working properly but isn't.