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Pretty Please? Can we have a stand alone Asus Aura?

Level 10

In the past, we were able to install Asus Aura only.  But its been bundle with Asus Amoury Crate.  I dont want to install the whole crate just to control Lightning.  With Asus Z790 Dark Hero, the only LED i have is that big area in the back of motherboard.   Plus ability to control my G.Skill DDR5 Ram. 

I had been using G.Skill Trident Lightning to control Memory Lighting ever since Asus discontinue standalone Aura software.  Most of my Fan Setup  and AIO is Corsair.   With Introduction of iCue 5.8 and above, it's conflicting with G.Skill Lighting control.  Causes system to crash almost immediately or random.  Depend on Lighting theme.    I end up running iCue 5.9 and G.Kill Trient Z (To turn off Memory LED) as soon as system boot to prevent system crashing.

I tried to install Asus Amoury Crate.  It does work with iCue 5.8 and above.  But, when I have Asus Amoury Crate install, when i did Cinebench R23, i am constantly loosing 800+ point.   WIth 14900K AI Optimize and Amoury Crate Install, i get around 40800.  Without Amoury Crate and just using G.SKill Trident Z Lightning control, i got around 41600.  and Prob 2% more cpu usage at idle. That is  why i am hoping that Asus can seprate out Aura again.

Right now, i discover my old Asus Aura 1.07.84 V2 is actually working.  I am able top control both motherboard and Memory.  But only few lighting theme is working.   Not all of them.