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no difference betwin turbo and silent mode incpu frequency

Level 8

my dvice is asus rog flow x16 gv601 vi and my windows is not able to find my power options. and also when i change the system mode from turbo to silent it does not affect cpu frequency. i checked my power plans with cmd and powercfg and i noticed that my armoy crate doesnt created powerplans named turbo,performance and silent. i checked my friends lap top which is same with mine and i saw that all his apps and windows and bios are the same version with me and all are up to date but he has not this problem. i also tried to reinstall my windows and also reinstall bios latest version with ez flash. and i uninstalled and reinstalled armor crate for about 10 times and it does not fixed.i will uplod some pictures for showing  my power plans list with cmd in diffrent system modes. and also a picture showing my friends system power plans(last picture).plese help me. thanks performance.pngsillent.pngturbo.pngScreenshot 2023-11-10 170643.pngmy friends device.jpg


Level 7

same here 

Level 9

The same happened to me 3 week ago with This is how I solved it, which I don't consider a real solution but it's the only solution so far.

If they haven't solved this in version, three weeks later, I don't think they will. It's probably better to use Ghelper from now on.

thank you for helping i tried this solution but my cpu frequency doesn't fixed. i used the Ghelper too but i had the problem too. i know 2 other persons who their laptop is same with me but the didn't have this problem. why in silent mode and tablet mode cpu frequency should be in 4 giga hertz? ot 2giga hertz in turbo mode? where we can report this bug to asus? why they did not fixed it in 3 weeks?